Vita Start Mini

Vita start mini


Quality cleaning pillows on the equipment "VISTA Start mini"

Doctors say that pillow cleaning should be done not less than once a year. Similar equipment from other manufacturers on the market for cleaning pillows is not always copes with this task qualitatively.

We offer the device for cleaning pillows of a new generation - "VITA Start mini".

The compact, multifunctional device for cleaning pillows makes it suitable for the restoration of pillows, duvets and featherbeds.

Original system of cleaning and dust removing as well as various accessories and attachments extend the functions of the device for cleaning pillows and give the possibility to produce various products with filling of down and feathers.

The cost of this equipment is 1000 $




The Unit "VITA Start mini" is designed for complex cleaning (renovating) and making pillows and blankets of any size from down and feathers.

"VITA Start mini" offers the highest quality of cleaning a down-feather material in a class of low-cost equipment (cleaning old pillows from debris, dust and lint)! (Most of the compact low-cost units perform cleaning from debris or dust).

Versatility, small size, low noise, best quality cleaning make «VITA Start mini» more attractive for start-up entrepreneurs, as well as for expanding the existing network of stores with the ability to save a little


We offer with the Unit:

1. ZIP (spare clamp).

2. Certification and Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion on the equipment.

3. Booklet, DVD disc with training videos. Details are here.

4. Set of tools and accessories for the operator (hose-nozzle distance for filling the hopper, vacuum nozzle, nozzle for filling quilts, a shelf for attachments, a shelf for tools, mixing and probe for verification of filler).

5. 4 pillow-cases as a sample (70x70, 60x60, 50x70, 40x40).


Features of the Unit


Features of the Unit "VITA Start mini":

Our equipment is always thoroughly checked and tested. The Unit «VITA Start mini» was tested in the workshop. The equipment cleans well any filler of down and feathers (dry and moist, large and small, heavily silted and quite clean). The equipment is universal.

The new compact multi-purpose unit «VITA Start mini» is a simplified version of the equipment - «VITA Start».


«VITA Start mini» is designed for high-quality manufacture and restoration of pillows, quilts and blankets from down and feathers.


Our equipment has the following features:


1. Qualitative cleaning of down-feather products. The Unit «VITA Start mini» has new and effective cleaning system of debris, dust and lint (the same as «VITA Start»)


2. The equipment is compact; its maintenance is performed only in the frontal part, so it can be placed in small or mobile workshops.


3. The process of renovating is visual, both for operators and for the client because of the windows in all working chambers of the unit.


4. A relief valve is provided for safe operation of equipment. It allows you to avoid excess pressure in the working chambers of the unit in case of foreign objects (old pillow-cases, etc.) into the hopper.


5. Grounding system of all work surfaces removes static electricity in the working areas of the unit.


6. A built-in vacuum cleaner with a larger chamber volume 71 l of a dust collector (old pillow-cases used as garbage bins) saving on the purchase of a separate vacuum cleaner. It is convenient to use for cleaning the unit and the workshop, as well as its power is not comparable with any household vacuum cleaner.


7. The design of the cleaning chamber allows minimizing waste of useful feathers.


8. Equipment for the renovating of pillows, featherbeds and blankets "VITA Start mini" performs high quality cleaning of down, feathers from debris, dust and lint with a median time about 5-7 minutes for a pillow and 30 minutes for a featherbed or blanket. Processing time depends on the degree of contamination, the status and composition. The dirtier and harder the filler the longer the process of renovating.

Blankets and quilts on «VITA Start mini» (as in «VITA Start») are made much faster and easier than on the equipment from other manufacturers due to the peculiarities of the hopper and cleaning chamber. They allow you to organize the optimum speed of air flow to fill the blankets. Observation windows in all work areas allow you to visually monitor the renovating process from beginning to end. It speeds up the process of making featherbeds and blankets.


9. The noise level of the unit is not more than 70 dB allows location the equipment in the shopping centers and stores.


10. Filling chamber is designed to fill the feather-down pillows 85x85cm.


11. Minimal operator involvement - ease of use (treatment technology does not require permanent human intervention in the process of renovating).


12. Performance (return) of the unit is up to 60 renovated (cleaned) products for the 8-hour workday.



The principle of the Unit

The principle of the Unit «VITA Start mini»


The unit consists of four chambers - loading (which is filled up with feather-down mixture for cleaning), cleaning unit, the hopper (where new pillowcase is attached), and a vacuum unit (where the old fixed pillowcase serves as garbage bin).


* Hopper

The hopper is designed to fill the pillows 85x85 with feathers and down. The disadvantage of the majority of compact units is to supply the content portion of the old bag in a hopper, which extends the time of restoration and brings additional inconvenience to the operator. «VITA Start mini» has no such problem!

The old filler is subjected to irradiation of ultraviolet rays of special germicidal lamps Phillips, used in medicine. Wattage 8 watts and its location in the hopper exclude a negative impact on the health of the operator.

The design of the hopper provides lifting and blowing out a pen-down in the upper part of the unit (cleaning chamber), i.e. material rises up in layers, leaving no chance of accidentally hitting the heavy debris in the chamber cleaning.

* The cleaning chamber

The chamber consists of a filter drum for separation of dust and lint, and a labyrinth of traps for the debris, broken feathers, cereals, etc.

This chamber separates the pillow filler from lint, dust, and feather flour.


* The receiving chamber

The chamber is for fixing a new pillow case, blankets or quilts for the subsequent filling with down- feather material.


* Vacuum chamber

The old pillow-case is attached in the vacuum chamber. It serves as a bag for garbage. Vacuum hose attached to the built-in branch pipe mounting garbage bag from the outside.

The noise level of the Unit is the lowest among the whole range of equipment manufactured by our company, we can compare with the work of a modern low-noise vacuum, i.e. does not exceed 70 dB. The filter elements are used for air purification from dust entering the engine, and thus a long service life.


The advantages of the Unit «VITA Start mini»:

1. Performance (profitability) of the unit is 60 renovated (cleaned) products per 8-hour workday.


2. Suitable for manufacturing of pillows, blankets and featherbeds.


3. High quality cleaning of down-feather products.


4. The renovating process is visible (observation windows are in all working areas of the unit).


5. Compressing of products - pumping air from the bag through a special nozzle (included with the unit) for ease of transport and more compact storage.


6. The built-in vacuum cleaner (the old pillow-case is used as the bin for garbage; you can save on garbage bags).


7. Disinfection of down, feathers, the working chamber with the help of ultraviolet germicidal lamp Phillips.


8. Safety of the unit because of the application of safety valve, which eliminates the probability of failure of equipment in case of contact with foreign objects into the hopper.


9. The equipment supplied with attachments and accessories for operator’s comfort and provides additional services to customers.


10. A grounding of all components and assemblies (requires power grid to ground).


Technical characteristics

Parameter name



Overall dimensions:
- length
- width
- heigth






Voltage AC



Power consumption



Noise (not more)



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