10 reasons for choosing equipment from the company "Pukhoviy Mir"

It’s always difficult to choose the  equipment for small business. This problem is almost the same complexity as the choice of the direction to develop the business: it is necessary to make a thorough market analysis to determine the level of demand and supply, to make the necessary investments and the calculation to estimate the approximate period of repayment of invested money and the expected profit.equipment for small business

The business on down and feather restoration has moved from the category of the exotic into the category of the stable and popular service. But both for beginner entrepreneurs and mature it’s probably not easy to make a choice of equipment.

Why do people choose  equipment for small business from the company “Pukhoviy Mir». There are some possible reasons:

1 reason – TRUST

Work style of "Down World" provides a permanent customer base as we strive not only to provide customers with quality equipment, but also offer a wide range of consumables http://napernik.com.ua/. Having purchasing equipment, our customers are provided with all the necessary to complete the work started. The company occupied a niche in the market of equipment for the restoration of down and feathers articles not so long ago. However, now many people who would get only one piece of equipment. The right start is the key to success. And life confirms our slogan "The right choice is the power of Business!"

2 reason – PRICE

The range of equipment for cleaning and restoration of down and feathers products offered by "Down World", enables start with minimal cost and respectively  the risks are minimal!

3 reason - RELIABILITY

The company  «Down World» offers only tested and quality products and ensures the guarantee the equipment for 1 year from the date of purchasing.

4 reason – SPACE SAVING

Our equipment for small business  has different technical characters and dimensions. That allows organizing the workshop in the 7 sq.m. room without special ventilation system, exhaust equipment, sanitation and water supply.Equipment for mobile workshop

5 reaason - MOBILITY

It’s possible to organize mobile down and feather restoration workshops (VITA Start Moby) and save on renting premise!


It’s easy to work on our equipment! You do not need to train stuff or look for specialists. Technological innovations in the design of our equipment allow making the work easy and comfortable. Purchasing the equipment for small business in the company “Pukhoviy Mir” you get free training!

7 reason - SAFETY

We provide a complete package of documents required for operating the equipment: the official conclusion of all government control and security - metrology, certification, standardization and the MOE.


Down and feathers restoration is a demand and popular service. That is why the need for the service and equipment is increasing.


The equipment from the company  «Pukhoviy mir» allows to fulfill even large orders for production and restoration down and feathers products (from the railway, sanatoriums, hotels, etc.)


Profitability  of our company’s equipment – also known as profit investment ratio (PIR) and value investment ratio (VIR), is the ratio of payoff to investment of a proposed project. Maybe this parameter is crucial for our clients who choose equipment for small business from the company “Pukhoviy Mir”!


Good luck in your work! !