vacuum cleaner

The company "Pukhoviy mir" is glad to offer a Universal Power Vacuum block - multifunction vacuum cleaner with additional features designed for cleaning workshops on the pillow renovating, home and industrial premises.

This device is particularly interesting for those, who use the equipment of the first generation without built-in vacuum cleaner. The fact is that the bag for garbage collection in an ordinary household vacuum cleaner is very small, and the operator must constantly empty the garbage. You do not need to empty the bag for garbage constantly, and just place the old pillow-case in the device and continue work. You should replace the old pillow-case (bag for garbage) only once a day because of increasing of vacuum up to 22 liters.


The cost of the universal vacuum unit is 250 $ .




The main advantages of this device:


1. Easy to use - powered by a standard 220 V, does not require special filters, water and other technical features;


2. Compact - takes up little space, the unit can be placed under the table;

3. Mounted on roller bearings, which allow you to move the unit around the room;


4. Large amount of the working camera - not less than 22 liters;


The unit is ideal equipment for the expansion of services in the workshops for the pillow renovation, as well as for companies that make blankets from natural and synthetic fillers.


Features of this device:

- A powerful industrial engine for a total removing of debris, dust or stones;


- A long flexible reinforced hose for industrial vacuum cleaners - 3 m - you can easily reach the most distant places;

The cover is made in the form of soft padded stool – it can be used as a seat in the intervals between cleaning;


- Optional - vacuuming of finished pillows in plastic bags, the volume of products decreases 3-4 times, makes it’s easy to put a pillow in a bag to bring to the house without problems. There is a special nozzle for that.


- And one of the most important advantages - no need for any special garbage bags, you can use an old pillow-case instead.


There is also a possibility to order a universal vacuum unit of any size.



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