Vita Start maxi

The Unit "Vita Start Maxi"

Universal automated multifunctional unit "VITA Start maxi" with triple system of dust-removing and cleaning the filler, with the function of hot air drying and mixing of the filler.

A new generation of equipment for complex quality cleaning of down and feather filler, designed for the renovating (manufacturing) products for sleep - pillows, featherbeds, blankets.

The cost of the Unit "Vita Start Maxi" is 2650 $




Nowadays «VITA Start maxi» is the best and most efficient equipment for processing and cleaning of any of the feather- down blend (effective drying and mixing system allows working with wet heavy or large feather).

We recommend buying the Unit "Vita Start Maxi" in regions with humid climate where humidity does not allow well-drying of feathers.

As with all equipment of our company, the Unit «VITA Start maxi» is held long-term tests in the existing workshop "Evita" of the companyn"Business Comfort", Belgorod, Russia. Now we are proud and pleased to consider «VITA Start maxi» our best equipment.


The Unit «VITA Start maxi» can be operated in manual and automatic modes.

In manual mode the unit can perform all the operations of renovation separately (all functions can be disabled), i.e.:

* Drying of the filler to the desired temperature and humidity;

* Mix the necessary time to break the wet lumps of agglomerated filler and to fluff it;

* To do superior cleaning and dust removal by a triple cleaning system;

* To make pillows, featherbeds, blankets;

* Removing air from the product;

* To the premises from debris and dust.

Manual mode of the unit is required in order to save time for the renovating of articles. If feathers are dry and shallow, drying and mixing functions are not necessary.

The moist, heavy filler is mixed by the mixer, large lumps of wet feathers and fluffs are broken up and the material is dried by fan.

The most problematic filler is dried and mixed for no more than 5 minutes. The process of cleaning and dust removing takes no more than 5-7 minutes on one pillow.


In automatic mode «VITA Start maxi» monitors the level of dry of the material being restored. The cleaning mode automatically starts when you reach the required temperature or humidity parameters. Then a new pillow-case is filled with the purified feathers.


Advantages of the Unit «VITA Start maxi»


* Automatic operation of equipment (the regime of drying, mixing, filling and further purification and filling of a pillow-case is made without operator)

* Manufacturing of pillows, featherbeds and blankets of all sizes

* Multi-stage quality cleaning of the filler

* Drying and mixing of the filler, the ability to regulate temperature and drying time as additional features in manual mode.

* A built-in vacuum cleaner

* Flexibility, versatility and usability.

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We offer with the Unit

1. The set of spare parts (spare strap, a spare engine, spare bulbs - bactericidal and daylight, replacement air filters.)

2. Certification and Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion on the equipment.

3. Booklet, DVD disc with training videos.


4. Set of tools and accessories for the operator (hose-nozzle for the distance filling of hopper, vacuum nozzle, nozzle for filling quilts, a shelf for attachments, a shelf for tools and probe for mixing and verification of filler).


5. 4 pillow-cases as a sample (70x70, 60x60, 50x70, 40x40).



Features of the unit

Features of the unit "VITA Start Maxi":

"VITA Start maxi" is the best equipment manufactured by our company, offers a very high quality of cleaning a down-feather filling from large and small debris, dust and lint, provides effective drying, mixing, and fluff of the feather and down mixture!

The unit is equipped with all necessary attachments and accessories for the manufacturing of various products (pillows, featherbeds, blankets) and for service functions.


Features of the "VITA Start maxi":


1. There’s a stirrer to break up and fluff the filler.


2. It’s possible to dry the filler by the dryer, to regulate the drying temperature and drying time (note that the pen is made up of protein - keratin. The critical temperature for this protein is 55 ° C, when the keratin is congealing. In order to avoid destroying the structure of feathers is highly recommended not to set the thermostat above 55 ° C. The recommended rate is 35 - 40 ° C).


3. There’s an Auto mode in the Unit.


4. The triple system of cleaning and dust-removing of the filler (the quality of cleaning is 2 times better than analogues).


5. A system of static electricity removing is on all working surfaces of the Unit.


6. A low level of noise.


7. Built-in vacuum cleaner.


8. Big loading chamber and a hopper.


9. Work with the Unit is only provided in the front upper part, management of all modes of the unit is very convenient.


10. A safety valve ensures safety, reliability and durability of the unit.


11. Easy loading of the material and cleaning the unit after the work, minimum debris and dust in the room.


12. Very high quality integrated cleaning of down, feathers in a short time (5-7 minutes), high profitability.

13. Visualization of the renovating process is provided by observation windows in all the working chambers of the unit and allows demonstrating all the dust and debris after cleaning to the client.


Design advantages of the unit «VITA Start maxi» for an operator:

* All the working chambers and control block are located conveniently.

* Easy loading of filler in the hopper, the filler can be loaded from featherbeds remotely.

* Easy and simple management of all modes of the unit.

* There is an Auto mode in the Unit.

* Easy to use built-in vacuum cleaner.

* Light, small and convenient doors of all chambers of the Unit.

* It’s possible to see the whole process of renovation thanks to windows in all the working chambers.

* The location of ultraviolet germicidal lamps eliminates contact with the operator.

* Convenient location of shelves, nozzles and accessories

* It’s possible to make equipment on wheels. It is convenient for the renovation in the street - like advertising of the renovating service for the passers-by.

* Information stickers about the functions of the equipment are on the front panel. They give information about the services offered to the clients .


The principle of the Unit

The principle of the Unit «VITA Start maxi»

There are 2 modes in the Unit «VITA Start maxi»: automatic and manual.

In automatic mode, set the drying temperature and activate the start button of all phases of renovation of down and feather products - drying, mixing, cleaning, dust removal, filling a new pillow-case.

The temperature for feather drying 35 - 40 ° C is optimal for preservation of the physical properties of down and feathers, and for fast and efficient drying of moist filling. (A feather consists of protein - keratin, the critical temperature for the protein is 55 ° C, at which keratin begins to curl. To avoid destroying the structure of the feather is highly recommended to set the thermostat no higher than 50 ° C.

The drying time of wet feathers at drying temperature 35 ° C is on average 5-7 minutes.

Mixer is for breaking the wet lumps of filler and fluffing feather and down. In manual mode, you can turn on a drying and mixing separately, or only mixing for any time interval. It is not necessary to use the dryer for the dry filler. Just turn on cleaning and filling of the pillow-case.


The management of the Unit «VITA Start maxi» is very simple. But on the dashboard you can also see a memo on the management in all modes.

Duplicated cleaning system in the equipment «VITA Start maxi» is the most efficient and highest quality.

The work on «VITA Start maxi» is done only in the frontal part, so you can place the equipment in small premises, the length of the Unit is 1500 mm and width is 720 mm.

The renovating process is visible both for the operator and client because of the windows in all the working chambers of the equipment.

A safety valve is provided for the safety of the equipment. It helps to avoid excess pressure in case of foreign objects are in contact with the hopper, because they can interfere with the passage of air through all the working chambers.

The grounding system of all work surfaces removes static electricity if there’s friction filler in the working areas of the Unit.

The quality and easy cleaning of the equipment after work is ensured by good location of all the chambers of the Unit.

Design of the cleaning chamber minimizes waste of feathers.


The design features of equipment «VITA Start maxi»

The unit «VITA Start maxi» consists of four chambers – loading (which is filled up with feather-down mixture for cleaning), cleaning unit (duplicated cleaning system), the hopper (where a new pillow-case is fixed and filled with purified down and feathers), a vacuum unit - a vacuum cleaner.


* A hopper


The hopper is designed to fill the pillows 80x80 with feathers and down. There’s a bactericidal ultraviolet lamp, lighting, mixer and dryer for drying of the filler. The old filler is subjected to irradiation of ultraviolet rays of special germicidal lamps Phillips, used in medicine. Wattage 8 watts and its location in the hopper exclude a negative impact on the health of the operator. Air cooling tubes prevent buildup of down-feather to the bactericidal ultraviolet lamp and the backlight. Fluffing, drying and disinfection of down and feathers is done in the hopper. The design of the hopper provides lifting and blowing out a pen-down in the upper part of the unit (cleaning chamber), i.e. material rises up in layers, leaving no chance of accidentally hitting the heavy debris in the chamber cleaning.


* The cleaning chamber


The chamber for removing large feathers, lint, dust, and flour from broken feathers is a duplicate system of cleaning, which consists of two circular mesh drum for separation of dust and lint, a labyrinth of traps for the debris broken pen, cereals, etc.

* The receiving chamber

The chamber for fixing a new pillow case, a featherbed or a quilt for the subsequent filling with down- feather material.


* Vacuum chamber


The old pillow-case is attached in the vacuum chamber. It serves as a bag for garbage. Vacuum hose attached to the built-in branch pipe mounting garbage bag from the outside.

The noise level of the Unit is the lowest among the whole range of equipment manufactured by our company, we can compare with the work of a modern low-noise vacuum, i.e. does not exceed 70 dB. The filter elements are used for air purification from dust entering the engine, and thus a long service life.


The functionality of the equipment series «VITA Start maxi»


1.Drying and mixing (fluffing) of the filler.


2.Triple (ctripliated) cleaning and dust removal system.


3. A built-in vacuum cleaner, which serves both for cleaning the debris from the working chambers of the unit itself, and for cleaning the premises. Hose length is 3 m. A unique feature of this device is usage of old pillow-case as a bag for garbage.


4. With a special nozzle that is provided with the Unit, you can make compressing (evacuation of air from the cushion to reduce its size). This will facilitate the transportation of the client’s pillows and blankets.


5. Making duvets.


Making duvets on our equipment «VITA Start maxi» is very convenient due to the design of the hopper, moderate blowing filler blanket case, viewing window through which you can watch the process of filling down-feather duvets.


Set of tools and accessories for the operator

* Hose attachment for remote filling the hopper (for heavy quilts or pillows that are difficult to pick up and difficult to extract filler in the hopper from them).

* Attachment for compressing,

* Attachment for filling quilts,

* Dipstick for the mixing and testing of the filler


The advantages of the Unit «VITA Start maxi»:


1. Performance (profitability) the unit is 45 renovated (cleaned) products for the 8-hour workday.


2. There’s a function of drying and mixing of the filler


3. Suitable for the manufacture of pillows and blankets of all sizes


4. High quality cleaning of down-feather products.


5. Visibility of the process of restoration (observation windows are in all working areas of the unit).


6. Compressing of products - pumping air from the bag through a special nozzle (included with the unit) for ease of transport and more compact storage.


7. The built-in vacuum cleaner (the old pillow-case is used as the bin for garbage, eliminating the need for expenditure on garbage bags).


8. Disinfection of down, feathers, the working chamber with the help of ultraviolet germicidal lamp Phillips.


9. Safety of the unit because of the application of safety valve, which eliminates the probability of failure of equipment in case of contact with foreign objects into the hopper.


10. The equipment supplied with attachments and accessories for operator’s comfort and provides additional services to customers.


11. A grounding of all components and assemblies (requires power grid to ground).


Technical characteristics

Parameter name



Overall dimensions:
- length
- width
- heigth






Voltage AC



Power consumption



Noise (not more)



Uptime (not more)



Time between switching on (not less)



Quantity of attendants