VITA Start Optima S

«Vita Start Optima S» - comfortable and reliable in operation, ideal for both novice restorer and professionals!

Performs restoration (cleaning) and manufacturing puhoperovyh pillows and blankets.

Installation for restoration (recovery), and the manufacture of pillows, quilts, blankets «Vita Start Optima S» is a unique development, which embodies the principles of the new air flow control for more effective cleaning and drying of the filler, without the use of expensive drying and electronic devices.

The cost of installation «Vita Start Optima S» is  1000$


Vita Start Optima S - installation of a new operating principle with breaking and drying with hot air! Moreover, the temperature of the air flow inside the plant is not more than 55 C by the ventilation system. During the summer, or at very intensive work possible either forced 3-minute cooling installation operating temperature to room temperature, transfer or setup mode without drying.

In the installation «Vita Start Optima S» uses a new unique system of drying the restored filler of down-feather.

The entire installation is a drying chamber for filler (all the walls are constantly working bins warm). Pooh pen during the restoration dried powerful warm air stream does not exceed a temperature of 55 C. In order to prevent the higher operating temperature provides the possibility of cooling the air in the working chambers of the installation, as well as the engine cooling system. If necessary, easily disable the drying function.


The set includes:


1. Spares (spare clamp).

2. Booklet, DVD disc with training videos, a full package of documents for equipment (TU, sanitary and hygienic conclusion on the equipment).

3. Set of tools and accessories for the operator (nozzle for vacuuming nozzle for filling quilts, a shelf for attachments, a shelf for tools, mixing and probe for verification of filler).

4. 4 napernik as a sample. (70x70, 60x60, 50x70, 40x40)


Features of the Unit

Features of the Unit «VITA Start Optima S»

Installation «Vita Start Optima S» - this is a cheaper alternative to setting and drying - «VITA Start maxi», but it does not have the agitator, the installation is not suitable for restoration of large quilts, works only with natural filler. With all the blankets she copes easily.

«Vita Start Optima S» serves as the perfect restoration of pillows and blankets of all sizes!

All the cushions after the restoration to «Vita Start Optima S» reminiscent of "warm cakes!"

Cleaning time for one cushion «Vita Start Optima S» can vary from 3 to 30 minutes. This is achieved by setting a mode of operation on one engine, or changing the position of the nozzle. Even heavy and wet the pen through a powerful stream of hot air and warm walls of the hopper in a short time it becomes dry and volatile.


Another unique feature of the installation «Vita Start Optima S» is the lack of air inlet and outlet. Installation is completely sealed! It does not take the air through the nozzle, and does not have the air outlet from the engine compartment into the room, what becomes very attractive for very dusty places, as well as for operators who are allergic to dust.

Security settings in the expense of the safety valve (in case of excess pressure in the working chambers of the installation is carried out additional air flow to normalize the working pressure).


To monitor the cleaning process with large viewing window in the loading and receiving hopper, as well as installation on the façade. For easy opening and subsequent fixation of the boot door and the hopper in the open position (to avoid accidental fall door) equipped with special shock absorbers and brackets with stop.


The principle of the Unit

The principle of the universal block «VITA Start Optima S»

The two-stage dedusting together with traps for dust and dust extraction system of forced vacuum pumps allows very high quality cleaning and de-dusting the restored material Feather and downy goods!

Ergonomics cleaning unit does not result in a useful feather bedding on the whole route of the filler. The amount of debris, dust and lint, selected by setting «Vita Start Optima S» of a pillow, a photo exhibit next.

High quality cleaning and dust removal installation confirmed by the absence of the dust of the rim in the finished product after the restoration.


The capacity of the 16 to 70 pillows for 8 hours, depending on the selected mode of operation of the equipment. In any mode, drying filler is an integral part of the process. In any case, you get the output "cushy pillow."


Feather in «Vita Start Optima S» is not heated above 55 ° C, even when the long process of restoration. It is very important for life cushions, whether it will continue to reusable or disposable at will! (for protein pen - keratin critical temperature is 55 ° C, at which keratin begins to curl and pen to collapse contents cushions eventually turns into dust).


Technical characteristics

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Overall dimensions:
- length
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- heigth






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